At the heart of our work is to enable early stage founders to make their ideas ready for the market and investors. 


We collaborate with you just like a co-founder would, but in a time-bound manner with an unbiased perspective to minimise failure.

We ideate and build materials on key areas such as go-to-market, competitor analysis, product pricing, financial projections and valuations.


We help challenge and improve your ideas through data-driven research, industry insights and customer validations.



Build a compelling story for your valuation and growth numbers, drawn from sound assumptions


Build a detailed business plan covering all bases of your business, market and competitors


Build a consice, minimalistic deck - enough to explain, but leave the readers wanting for more.


What type of founders do you work with?

We like to work with early stage founders, either at the idea stage, prototyping stage or roll out. Founders often are yet to have a full time employee when they engage with us.

How do you get your returns?

Flexibility is the need of the hour – we seek a flat rate to our human capital on a monthly or milestone basis that is significantly lower to industry salaries. After spending quality time getting to know our strengths, founders have gone on to offer us a share of the equity which gets our skin in the game.

Do you raise funds on behalf of founders or invest financial capital?

The relation between an early stage founder and early stage investor is a sacred one. Hence we ask founders to lead the fund raise exercise themselves, but lend complete support in documentation, identification and even introductions to investors in our network.

We do not invest financial capital ourselves, as of now.

How are you different from an incubator?

In plenty of ways: 1. We do not have a one-product fits all approach, each portfiolio has a tailored approach. 2. We go a step above 'mentorship', to provide hands on work with the founders. 3. We focus on quality over quantity, and do not have batches or applications.

How do you help founders?

Early stage founders often require a counter voice to challenge and improve their decision making. We like to support founders to get you and your product ready for the market and investors. We ideate and build materials for your pitch deck and business plan covering but not resticted to key areas such as go-to-market, competitor analysis, product pricing, financial projections and valuations. Through our engagement, founders receive support in the most vulnerable stage of their journey, without having to dilute their ownership upfront.

Do you work with founders outside of India?

Yes, we offer a process driven service which can cut across boundaries. We have worked with founders from India and UK until now, but the scope and intent remains global. Additionally, we like to go a step further and also help founders leverage the India potential - a vast market underserved by domestic technology and capable of lowering production and set up costs for startups outside India.




A second generation entrepreneur, Divyat is a Master of Finance from the University of Cambridge and holds a B.A Hons in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.  Previously, Divyat has worked on several consulting assignments in areas of corporate strategy, India-entry and greenfields. He has co-founded Project Sattva, a student led micro-enterprise based in Haryana engaging unemployed rural women in the dairy sector. Divyat also serves as a Venture Capital Consultant to Dubai based venture capital fund Spartech.

.At RCS Labs, Parth heads business development, partnerships along with support on project execution. Parth has previously served as a senior investment banking analyst at TresVista in Mumbai where he supported the financial advisory arm of a major African development finance institution in areas of debt restructuring, project financing and corporate strategy. Parth has completed his undergraduate studies in commerce from the Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai University. 



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RCS Advisors is an independent strategy and investment advisory firm based in India that provides a wide range of financial services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base. Established in 2002, RCS Advisors has advised  more than 200 clients across the world for the Indian market in areas of M&As/JVs, tech transfer, market entry strategy, initiating greenfield plants and business development. 


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