Frequently asked questions

What type of founders do you work with?

We like to work with early stage founders, either at the idea stage, prototyping stage or roll out. Founders often are yet to have a full time employee when they engage with us.

Do you have a regional focus or constraint?

No, we offer a process driven service which can cut across boundaries. We have worked with founders from India and UK until now, but the scope and intent remains global.

Do we invest?

Yes, currently we invest our all-important human capital. In near time we hope to raise an angel fund for monetary infusions.

How do we get our returns?

Flexibility is the need of the hour – we seek a flat rate to our human capital on monthly or milestone basis that is significantly lower to industry salaries. If all goes well, founders have gone on to offer us a share of the equity which gets our skin in the game.

Do we fund raise on behalf of founders?

The relation between a founder and early stage investors is a sacred one where someone outside of the system does not fit in well. Hence, we only actively approach investors for ventures in which we have some sort of equity. However, we assist in preparing in pitches, valuations and negotiation strategies, and even in identifying the right type of investors.

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